Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Transparency is the new trend

The website, trendwatchng.com, today talks about the newest trend, which is that today’s consumers demand as much transparency as possible. In the news business, how can we make our news more transparent?
Should we have an editor’s note or behind the scenes note with every story, much as magazines do? Should we do video cam broadcasts of story meetings? Should we list a “bibliography” of resources that we use for every story? I know we usually cite the sources of direct quotes, but should we run the sources for all information used in the story. We are transparent when we run reader comments, but should we not allow screen names, and only real names on reader comments?
Should we also do more bio information on our story tags. Such as Jane Roe covers real estate for the Daily News, and has written 281 stories on new home sales in her five years on the beat?
Food for thought. I’d love to hear your comments about increasing transparency in reporting and business reporting.

--Marty Steffens