Saturday, March 20, 2010

Amit Singhal on China and mobile search

Amit Singhal, Google fellow, speaking at the SABEW annual conference in Phoenix

He talks about China: "Governments should want information to be free."
How how search change on a mobile device: "We are already thinking about it. If you search for anything on a mobile device, we change our package. Our buttons are bigger, and we give you a map. Interfaces are different...the kind of information people seek on mobile phone is different.... it's far more local oriented."

On keeping secret Google's search and page rank algorithm: "If there is a leak, there are massive attacks on Google."

On paying for content contrary to an open web: "Economics will take over. If people want that content, they will pay for it... It's not contrary to an open web. If users want it, they will pay for it."

On McContent, should Google distinguish between rehashed content and original content: "Can Google algorithms find the difference. There are already things in our algorithm that try to find original content, but algorithms still don't understand language. We are very aware... we try very hard to make sure that such type of content doesn't litter the algorithm results. We do distinguish (in favor of original content). All good providers have high page rank."

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