Saturday, March 20, 2010

Arthur Sulzberger on the Pay Wall

Art Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times, told SABEW conference-goers in Phoenix that The Times Select paywall made $10 million in its first year, and he considers it successful. But with digital advertising booming, Sulzberger said they needed to accomodate access to a new crop advertisers.

Sulzberger said the Times' new metered model, where those who use the most, pay the most, will roll out in 2011. "The reason we like the metered model is that it will keep us in the search ecosystem.

By using this blended model, our loyal readers will pay, and we will still have search. We can not lock in any single answer," he said.

He understand that's everyone's watching this metered model. "Our success as company will be judged on how well we do this… that’s why we’re rolling it out in 2011, we need to get it right. Legacy circulation system must integrate with the website."

On Google: "Railing against Google is like railing against oxygen."

On Competition against the WSJ and Rupert Murdoch: The challenge that we face is to challenge our brand promise into the digital era. The challenge that the Wall Street Journal is to change their brand promise while moving into the digital era. This is no small feat.....We're not going to change (in response to Murdoch's broadening of the scope of news at the WSJ) ...we are going to stay with what we're doing."

On the young adult market: We need to understand how information flow is changing, and we need to understand how Facebook is integrating.

On Mexican businessman Carlos Slim: He is influencing our strategy, NOT AT ALL. He's a great investor, he got a good deal.

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